I am Jason Siders, born in 1993 in Webster, Texas, studies 3D modeling and animation. I am graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from University of Houston-Clear Lake in Spring 2018, and seeking to apply aptitude and passion for graphic design, 3D modeling and animation into a future career. I was featured recently at a 2017 University of Houston Fine Arts Exhibition at the University of Houston-Clear Lake Art Gallery. I intend to pursue a Master of Arts in Digital Media Studies from UHCL to earn my Masters degree.

When creating the works I make I keep my skills varied, but I mostly work in the graphic arts field like Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, and other programs. I occasionally get into the physical field like Sculpture or Printmaking, but I usually just treat those as a physical extension of my focus in the graphic arts field, mainly 3D modeling.

Simple as most of my artwork may be, some hold deeper meanings, but one thing that most of them have in common is humor. I try not to make the humor too obvious, instead I just apply a subtle nudge, or a twist ending, that catch viewers off guard. Inspired by watching multiple parodies, I use comedy shows to get my examples of humor.

The styles of each art piece never remain completely similar to each other as the themes are aimed to be varied, usually inspired by personal interests or personal issues, depression being a great example that multiple artists use to express how they feel. Most of the time I plan out each part of the art piece’s construction, but sometimes I go in without a plan for the fun of it and decipher what I made afterwards. Half of the reason I do create is just for the sake of creating, and once I’ve got an idea I usually stick through with it no matter how it turns out.

I currently reside in League City, Texas.